Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Its Been a Long Time...

I am still here!  Summer is finally here and as such I have been spending nearly all my time outdoors playing with all my new toys and very very little time blogging.  I can however say I have been taking many pictures and archiving them for later blog posts.  I cannot bring myself to sit down infront of the computer and edit photos and write post while the weather is beautiful outside.  Over the last month or so I have:

-Taken my kifaru tarp and golite quilt out for a overnight trip.
-Paddled my raft around our raging creek.
-Purchased a new road bike to commute to work on.
-Picked up a GSI coffee press pot.
-Tried out my new travel sized coffee burr grinder.
-Pushed my body thru my polyphasic sleep experiments
-Converted on of my gopro HD's lenses over to a less fisheye version (I had scratched the internal lens and was finally able to find a company that built a screw on glass lens with the proper focal length that would retain the ultra sharp picture).

I will be posting about all these little additions and adventures in the future but for right now my focus is on getting the absolute most from our relatively short summer season.  Hopefully I will have a slower weekend in the near future to post some updates but for now I need to get packing for my weekend biking trip to the mountains!

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