Sleeping Lite

This is a small side project I currently have on the go.  I always seem to have more projects then I have time for.  I looked thru my day to day routine to see where I could trim the fat and have more time to invent, design and spend time outdoors.  Eating and working are currently activities which I cannot streamline anymore so I turned to sleep.  It bothers me that we spend a large portion of our lives hibernating.  Typically I spend anywhere between 7 and 8 hours sleeping, time which I could be using to play and work on my plethora of different hobbies.  Sadly going without sleep entirely is not a feasible or healthy option but there are other ways to streamline my sleeping.

Polyphasic sleeping is what I am talking about.  The exact mechanics are slightly different depending on the schedule you opt for but the basic idea is to replace our larger inefficient block of sleep with a smaller section of time and evenly spaced naps during the day.

There is a great link over here that goes into more detail about the different schedules one can adopt and this page of my blog will be my chronicles of trying to adapt to the "Everyman 3-Nap" polyphasic sleep system.