Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Update So Far

As of late I have been added a blog post every night and sometime multiple posts.  I have quite a few photographs that have been take of past projects and wish to try and develop a timeline of when I was doing certain things.  I plan to keep updating this blog on a near daily bases even once I cover all my stock piled material...I also plan on keeping each post filled with photos/videos.

Fuzzy legged dawn deer
A few weeks ago I had to make my way back into the city quite early so I decided to take the opportunity to go for a short hike up a large hill and watch the sunrise before making my commute back into town (I work and live in the city but spend most weekends in the country).  This is a photo of a family of 7 deer.  I watched them walk a few minutes before quietly pulling out my camera, once they knew I wanted a picture they increased their speed into the bushes.  A combination of low ISO and the fact that deer move made for a little ghosting here and there.
After watching the deer disappear into the trees I stepped into my snowshoes and made the short trek up the hill to watch the sunrise.

From atop this hill I was able to see the original 7 deer walking across another field followed by another group of 3 more.  Inbetween the 2 groups there were also 3 coyotes that seemed to be taking advantage of the trail the deer were creating (they didn't seem to interested in the deer at this time, quite well fed by the looks of it).
This is also about the mid way point of a frozen creek that I plan on packrafting come summer.  Usually the water level is very low but due to the large volume of snow we accumulated this year the spring melt should turn the little creek into a faster moving river which should make for a nice ~20km trip.

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